Is murder considered wrongful death?

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No matter the circumstances, death is always devastating for family, friends, and other loved ones. Even after a long and happy life, we cannot help but feel sad for this loss of life and companionship. These feelings of grief are only worsened, however, when an individual faces an untimely death. In some cases, these deaths could not be prevented, such as after a long battle with sickness, or in military combat, or in other unfortunate circumstances. Nevertheless, there are some incidents which could have been prevented, and the person or people involved should not have lost their lives. These situations are perhaps the most devastating of all because the anger we face about the injustice of this death. A family of a Chicago woman is personally experiencing this tragedy after this woman was killed in her apartment in April of 2017.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported on this case, as the family decided to move forward with a lawsuit against the attacker and the apartment company. Tiffany Thrasher lived alone in her apartment in Schaumburg, Illinois. A construction worker, housed by his employer in the same apartment complex, entered her home through a window and proceeded to sexually assault and strangle Thrasher. The construction worker, Bulmaro Mejia-Maya, had several arrests for violent crimes on his record, but the company who hired him did not find this to be a problem. Thrasher’s family believes that the apartment manager is partially at fault for this incident because they did not perform required background checks on Mejia-Maya, before allowing him to live in the complex. This placed Tiffany Thrasher at risk, by allowing him to become a part of the community, without understanding the risk that he posed. Additionally, Thrasher’s family indicates that the apartment complex did not follow a Schaumburg city ordinance that requires landlords to protect their tenants from violent crimes. Tiffany’s family is no doubt upset and frustrated by the management’s actions, and this lawsuit may help them gain some peace of mind after this incident.

Tiffany Thrasher’s death is a tragic occurrence, and it indicates a serious lack of concern for residents’ safety in this apartment complex. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem in many different complexes and other residential areas. Managers have a responsibility to create a safe environment and protect their residents as best as possible. When they fail to do so, serious accidents and even deaths may occur as a result of their negligence. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior and hopefully, the Thrashers lawsuit will help encourage other Chicago area apartments to increase security measures.

Although this lawsuit will not end this family’s pain and suffering after the loss of their loved one, it can help them gain a sense of justice and manage the financial costs of this loss. Anyone facing the wrongful death of a family member has the right to seek this kind of compensation with the help of local attorneys, like Karlin, Fleisher, & Falkenberg. This money can help families begin to recover from their tragedy.

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