Tips for Storing Documents

Posted by in Self Storage on Jul 23, 2015

Whether you own a small business or just have a large paper trail after years of filing and record keeping, one should take special precaution when storing documents. Unlike other items, documents are susceptible to damage from changes in temperature, moisture, and mildew.

One easy way to ensure that your documents are not only safe but also last as long as you intend them to is by using a temperature controlled self-storage unit. Though it costs a bit more, it is definitely worth the investment. If you do decide to go this route, there are further measures you can take to protect your documents and make it convenient for you as well.

Some would suggest that you store you documents in storage units with security features such as lighting, cameras, fencing, and onsite management or guards. After finding a temperature controlled storage facility, it is important to find out if the temperature can be manually controlled at each unit or if the entire facility is controlled by management. Other recommendations include checking for pest control. A few ways of doing this are asking management how they deal with pest, checking for weeds around the storage unit, and looking for potential points of entry such as foundation crack or unsecure doors.

Another tip is to manage space efficiently so that you can easily access your documents when necessary. The website of Mopac Self Storage suggests that you not store your documents in plastic bags as they may retain moisture which can lead to damage and that you place any books flat in order to protect their spines. It is also a good idea to check up on your storage unit at least once a month.

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